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Canada`s real estate investor network, WEALTHMINDS is the wholly-owned marketing subsidiary of Alture Properties.  It presents Alture’s condominium projects to potential income property purchasers and limited partnership investors.   It was created on the premise anyone can benefit from wealth-building strategies in real estate.  Purchaser’s investments have enabled Alture to meet pre-sale requirements for construction finance while saving on traditional marketing expenses. WEALTHMINDS is lead by Blake Ponuick and Wendy Cheung with an educational and deal-focused approach where guest speakers share their real estate success stories and strategies.

Many of Alture’s condominium developments are ideally-suited for individuals interested in building wealth and a retirement portfolio in real estate, as they are potential cash flowing, passive or “armchair” real estate investments with full-service rental management provided by Alture’s property management affiliate.


  • Over 400 active members in Canada
  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers to learn about investing in real estate and other strategies for creating wealth.Responsible for more than $72,040,025 in real estate sales
  • WEALTHMINDS members benefit from receiving sneak previews of Alture Investment Projects, and the opportunity to participate in pre-sale events

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