Real Estate Investment Firm Fulfills Renters Dream of Home Ownership

BURNABY, BC CANADA — February 15, 2012 — On January 14, 2011, Wendy Cheung, a founding partner of Alture Properties knocked on every tenant’s door at an apartment building in St. Albert Alberta to grant each renter their wish of becoming a homeowner. The company gave each tenant a large incentive to cover their down payment to purchase a suite in the building they currently live in.

The encounter created almost as much surprise and excitement for the tenants as an Oprah Winfrey’s Christmas give-away episode. Some tenants have been renting in the building for as long as 20 years and to be able to finally own a suite and have it fully renovated is a dream they never thought was possible in the past.

“One of the goals at Alture Properties is to create a better community in the cities we invest in by helping renters become home owners. Giving individuals and families a sense of ownership is just one of
the ways we give back. The hardest part of a home purchase is coming up with the down payment, and we have been able to eliminate that problem. We work with each tenant individually to evaluate their financial situation and 8 times out of 10; we have found that they are better off purchasing.” – Wendy Cheung.

Alture Properties’ business model is to purchase older apartment buildings in areas of high growth in Western Canada. To increase the value of the investment, the suites and common areas are refurbished and later resold as newly-renovated condominium units. Alture Properties provides the average investor an affordable turn-key investment approach where clients can profit with little or no work.

In addition to helping tenants, Wendy Cheung is a part of Wealthminds, a non-profit society providing education and training in wealth creation. Their goal is to educate people from all walks of life on how to profit from real estate and their monthly seminars have educated thousands in achieving their financial goals using real estate as the tool. (