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Invest in Income Properties

Purpose-Built Investments

Real estate is one of the safest and most profitable means of creating wealth. Alture Properties makes real estate investing in Canada simple and hassle-free, maximizing long-term growth potential while minimizing risks. We complete the due diligence on all projects and provide a turnkey approach to real estate investing. Our clients always maintain complete control with the security of 100% title ownership. Join our rapidly growing network of wealth-builders and get:

  • Access to opportunities before they are listed
  • Purpose-built for rental in high-growth, desirable locations
  • In-house property and rental management services
  • Affordable prices from: $175,000-$300,000
  • Net cash flows with potential up to 7%

Alture MidCity Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alture MidCity is a three-story apartment complex offering value at an unbeatable location.


Alture Waterfront Edmonton

Relax and unwind at home in Phase II of the Alture Waterfront.